Our products are widely trusted for their consistently high technical standards, and we break new ground by incorporating smart technology, working with professional designers, and also ensuring long-term sustainability. We offer a wide variety of products and services…

  • Polyethylene Products:

Polyethylene tanks are produced by Roto polyethylene molding machine to produce tanks.

  • Polyethylene Tanks:

From 300 to 10000 liters
It is lightweight, durable, and tough, keeps drinking water pure and protects it from the sun's UV rays.

Al-Khateeb Polyethylene Tanks are made be LLDPE (UV Stabilized) Best quality from SABIC. Our Tanks are suitable for Potable water and raw materials of food.
Our Tanks are of different size and colors. Shape- Cylindrical, Position- Horizontal and vertical.

Our Tanks is 4 Layer insulated (ASTM D1998)
(Toprotect from different Atmospheric condition). Both sides are smooth. Also preventive from Fungus and Bacteria. Our main intention is Customer Satisfaction. Sales & Service:
We are always responsible for installation and Maintenance withing our warranty period
(10years from the date of sale).

The Tank Should be placed on leveled surface
  • Fiberglass Products:

Al Khaleej Factory imports the latest raw materials, and produces fiberglass tanks for water above and below ground, petroleum materials tanks, sewage tanks, and chemical tanks in an automated way. And workers and professionals to satisfy the customer.

  • Fiberglass tanks above ground+ underground (dump):

On demand, in order to conserve water, rationalize its use, and secure it according to the needs of individuals.

  • Decoration items:

Manufacture of flower beds as required with fiberglass materials, long life and durability with weather factors

  • Stereograms:

Models of rotors in the required shape and size and to serve the need for it.

  • Umbrellas:

Umbrellas have a long life that protects from sunlight and weather factors, characterized by their durability, in addition to the possibility of ordering in the required size, color and shape.

  • Mobile bathrooms:

Mobile bathrooms approved by Aramco, of all sizes Kamical bathrooms - bathroom with tank and sewage box - wild bathrooms.

  • Infrastructure projects for sanitation projects:

We do infrastructure projects in the field of sanitation.

  • Sealer box for Aramco projects:
  • Oil insulators for restaurants from fiberglass:
  • Manufacture of fiberglass boats:
  • All fiberglass product are customized: