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Gulf Factory for Fiberglass and Polyethylene

Gulf Factory for Fiberglass and Polyethylene, one of the castles of traditional industries and fiberglass in the Dammam region 1983 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Since through our products, we seek to rationalize the use of water, which is the basis of life, in ways, means and tools that protect .the environment and humans.

Years of experience and skilled teamwork that have earned us the trust of our customers by meeting the needs and requirements of individuals and companies with the highest quality and competitive prices.

Beginning and Expansion

Gulf factory Company was established on an area of 5000 square meters in 1983 in the Dallah Industrial Area in Dammam in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We have a long and storied history of innovation, constantly striving to improve the build quality of our machines, the breadth of our offerings and the strength of our technology. Highly qualified staff.

What set us apart

We at the Gulf Factory for Fiberglass and Polyethylene Industry are committed to providing

Safety and Health

Safety, health and application of environmental standards

Customer Service

Fast response customer service.


Unparalleled duration to meet your needs

Flexible Handling

We are committed to flexible dealing with customers.

Product Quality

Superior product quality to your specifications