Our Vision:

We want to inspire, innovate, and dazzle, design unique and high-quality products that serve the community and meet its basic needs, one of the pillars of which is water, the basis of everything, and work to create sanitation and maintain a healthy environment. Thus, we will achieve our vision by presenting our innovations to customers, and creating sustainable value for our business through growth and development.

Our message:

Our world needs more efficient and sustainable products, and we at Al Khaleej Factory seek to provide innovative and diversified solutions for the fiberglass and polyethylene industry in order to rationalize the use of water in a manner that meets the needs of the market, the requirements of customers and the environment, based on the fact that water is the basis of life on Earth, as well as a commitment to implement strategies and procedures Which integrate with our surroundings and in line with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030.

Our values:

  • The continuous Development: This is to ensure that the market and customer needs of fiberglass and polyethylene products are met with the best quality.
  • Innovation Motive: Keeping abreast of developments in the world of rationalizing the use of water and sanitation and providing services and products that meet the market need.
  • Commitment to international quality standards:
    Providing products and services with leading and sustainable technical standards in terms of the strength and durability of fiberglass and polyethylene at the level of the Kingdom and the world.