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Gulf Fiberglass & Polyethylene Factory

Gulf Fiberglass Factory & Polyethylene is one of the leading manufactures of industrial corrosion resistant fiberglass products in Dammam, Saudi Arabia since 1983.

We have been building fiberglass products for many nations and other GCC companies, and many others to help them meet their requirements for high quality fiberglass equipment at very competitive prices.


Company Profile

Gulf Fiberglass Factory & Polyethylene has been building fiberglass equipments ( Tanks, Boats, Sanitary items, Decoration items, sculptures, Grating, Flower boxes, Balustrades, Canopy, Roofings, Domes, Road safety drums, Stand for traffic and other custom-fabricated products) since 1983. We employ over 60 people in our 5,000 square meter facility, located at Dallah Industrial area in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Gulf Fiberglass Factory & Polyethylene handles all importation proceedings to provide equipment for our all customers. We have Roto molding machine for polyethylene, and can build tanks up to 8,000 liters capacity. We buy our raw materials for making Polyethylene tanks from SABIC. We are able to provide very high quality products at very competitive prices. We have our own fleet of trucks for transport within Dammam. We have well experienced technicians and workers. Our sales branches and showrooms are at Dammam, Al-Khodarya and Al-Hassa.
Contact Us:

Tel: +966 3 8223362, +966 3 8202490 ext. 103, +966 3 8190609 ext. 102

Fax : +966 3 8190609 ext. 104

P.O.Box 4837, Dammam 31421, Saudi Arabia